Sam And Snez Announce Gender Of New Baby In Adorable Reveal

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It's a...

Professional Beautiful People Sam and Snezana Wood have announced their gender of their second baby (second together, third cutie patootie altogether) in quite possibly the most adorbs post:

"Hi guys, we're really excited to have another baby!" Snezana can be heard saying before Sam jumps in, "We've just found out the sex and we wanted to share. Here's a little clue!"

Yup! That pink screen says it all! It's a GIRL!

The gorgeous couple revealed they were expecting a relatively low-key announcement on Sam’s Instagram story two months after tying the knot late last year:

“I know that a lot of people do beautiful reveals of baby genders and having a baby and don't get me wrong I think that’s super, super cute, and maybe because this is number two -- or really number three -- we’re not going to as much effort anymore and so this is our reveal.”

You know what they say, as long as the baby is happy and healthy and equal parts as cute as her sibling we're okay.

Image: Instagram / Sam Wood


Surprise reveal of MAFS Matt’s new GIRLFRIEND:

Written By Ally Parker