Sam and Ines from MAFS confirm their relationship and there are pics to prove it

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Davina and Dean 2.0

It’s no secret Ines has caused some…drama on the current season of Married At First Sight Australia. 

Stirred the pot, if you like. 

Summoned the poopie storm. 

On last nights episode her and husband Bronson had a very intense confrontation in front of the ‘experts’ (who are basically your condescending parents) and their fellow MAFS friends. 

In summary, Bronson said he has been “absolutely miserable”, Ines said she doesn't want to “f**cking touch him” and Bronson capped it all off by calling his lovely bride the equally lovely C word


This all comes AFTER Sam and Elizabeth also clashed. 

Sam decided to leave their relationship, saying they’re just too different to make it work, while Elizabeth opted to stay another week and give it another shot. 

But we're guessing things don’t work out for Sam and Liz because Sam and Ines are a thing, according to NW Magazine

They’re such a thing they have their own slightly steamy magazine cover:

According to the article, neither Sam or Ines give a flying flick about their ex-partners. 

“You just can't force those things,” Ines said of her relationship with Bronson. “There's so much pressure as it is, and you know they're just not for you. I don't know why you'd hang around and try and make it work."

But with Sam, Ines says there's nothing to force. "He's so hot," she told the publication. 

She also told all of us during one of last weeks episodes. And Sam adressed it during his chat with Fitzy and Wippa. 

But it wasn’t only Sam’s ~good looks~ that brought the couple together. Apparently they also bonded over their failed relationships. 

“Their relationship was failing and so was mine,” Ines told NW. “You do enter the experiment to find love, so that's sort of the main purpose and vision behind it."

"You definitely need that chemistry to make anything happen. Their relationship was failing and so was mine... You do enter the experiment to find love, so that's sort of the main purpose and vision behind it.”

So how did the couple get together? The old fashion way of course: Ines slid into Sam’s DMs. 

"I wasn't expecting it at all. I was lucky I had seen it, because it came through in the message requests inbox,” Sam told the publication. 

“I was like, 'Here we go, what's the deal here?' And obviously the curiosity level was heightened because I didn't know her at the time.”

We can’t wait to watch this relationship bloom during this weeks episode. We’re gearing yo for all of the drama. 

Images: MAFS / Channel Nine, Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi