Ruby Rose is furious; lashes out at 'celebrity dietician'

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Ruby Rose made an appearance at the Country Music Awards over the weekend and fans and experts alike have expressed concern for her weight.

One of these experts is LA based dietitian Lisa De Fazio told NW magazine she believes the actress only weighs 44 kilograms at 5’7’ when it should be 61kg.

“Her family and management team need to encourage her to gain some weight before it's too late.”

Rose originally hit back on Instagram however she has since taken her battle to Twitter:

"Do you actually have any 'celebrity clients' or just gossip magazines? You comment on people who you deem are too big or too small and even go so far as to guess why," she wrote to the dietician.

"Telling a magazine MY 'manager friends and family should get involved and help me before it's too late' and that my weight is '44 kilos' (I'd probably be in hospital of that were true) is so maddening and irresponsible.

I have the best team, family, friends, partner and medical professionals (not the ones who want to be TV hosts but actual credible Eastern and Western doctors) and I'm running at an optimum level. I am deficient in nothing and have endless energy."

Ruby Rose orignally responded to the comments by hitting back at her body shaming haters on Instagram:

“Body shamers, I had a great work out this morning, thanks for asking, and am off to eat a vegan burger because why the F not!" 


“Body shaming SH*TS ME! It's so frustrating. Everyone is so different. I eat so much amazing food.”

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A fan or two have also asked the star to inspire others by putting on weight:

“I can inspire them to go plant based and stop eating the nasty processed food, fast food and cancer causing foods.

“I can inspire them not to drink soda or alcohol and how to train well... but maybe you can train yourself to stop seeing what you think is the only way to achieve someone else's body type.”

She's also slammed haters for saying she looked "better" when she was in her early 20's.

"That was a horrible time in my life, health-wise. 

"[She was sick] every month with pneumonia and chest infections.

"I get sick maybe once a year now, so please take care of your body and your mind and your soul and stop judging others."

DeFazio has since replied to the buzz with comments like the below:

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