Roxy Jacenko forced to reprint new book after an embarrassing error

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Roxy Jacenko

It's pretty funny, TBH.

Roxy Jacenko - aka the PR Queen - is about to release a new book titled Roxy's Little Black Book of Tips and Tricks, a guide about all things social media and branding.

Now this normally would be very exciting - hey, we would be too if we had a book coming out as well - were it not for a very unfortunate printing error as reported by The Daily Telegraph.

Endorsements from celebrities are the norm for books these days and Roxy's upcoming tome features some kind words from the one and only Jackie O.

But due to the aforementioned printing error, those kind words accidentally became something of a diss instead.

Here's what was accidentally printed on the back of Roxy's new book:

“Roxy never fails to disappoint and this book is an easy, interesting read that people in a lot of professions (not just PR) could learn something from.” 

"Never fails to disappoint"? We're pretty sure you meant "never fails to deliver"!

Roxy said to the Daily Telegraph that up to six different proofreaders somehow missed the error and it was only picked up when her friend got an early copy.

“Without question it’s a nightmare and not something anyone wants to happen.

“It’s a f*** up, but Jackie’s a friend and it certainly should have said, ‘Roxy never fails to deliver’.”

The book's publisher, Allen & Unwin, have taken responsibility for the admittedly pretty funny mistake, blaming it on a "proofing error made by our editorial department", and will shell out for a new run of reprinted books with the correct Jackie O quote.

Look it was a mistake and these things happen. At least it was something minor and funny rather than something catastrophic.

But hey, look on the bright side: those printed copies of the book with the typo are now worth even more than what the corrected version is going for!

As for when you can grab Roxy's new (and corrected) book, it's out on shelves on November 28.

Image: Roxy Jacenko/Instagram


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