The Rock Shares A Rare And Heartbreaking Tribute To Paul Walker

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"I never post about my friend. It’s a personal thing."

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has opened up in a rare post about his late friend and co-star Paul Walker.

Taking to Instagram on what would have been Paul's 46th birthday, The Rock stressed to his 156 million fans how fast life moves. 

"I never post about my friend. It’s a personal thing, but I prefer to keep our memories and bond private and quiet.

"But something about today compelled me as a moving reminder of how fragile life is for all of us. It’s Paul’s birthday and rightfully so, his legacy celebrated around the world. Our friendship was bonded over our daughters and the pride and protection we took being their fathers."

The post comes after another co-star and friend of Dwayne's, Kevin Hart, was recently in a car accident which landed him in hospital. It was a scare that Dwayne knew all too well:

"And recently, I got a scare when I almost lost another friend on the road."

Kevin sustained major back injuries but reports say he has since been released from hospital.

"All this stuff got me thinking about how beautiful, yet wildly unpredictable life is. 

"We never know what’s around the corner, so we gotta live as greatly as we can in the honour of our loved ones and ancestors who are no longer with us. Manuia le aso fanau, my friend."

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November marks six years since the Fast and the Furious actor died in a car accident in Santa Clarita, California leaving his one daughter Meadow Walker, now 20.

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Written By Christina Cavaleri

"I’d never truly let anyone in before..."

Wait, what?!?

Along with a never before seen pic of Archie.