Reports Prince Philip Warned Harry To Stay Away From Meghan Markle

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Not another one.

You'd think any grandpa would approve of a beautiful actress to be their grandson's girlfriend. 

Well, not Prince Philip. reports Prince Philip told Prince Harry that,

"One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them."

According to the publication, the 98-year-old made the comment just as Hazza and Meghan were getting serious.

Clearly Harry didn't take Grandpa's advice as they got hitched and have a baby, but it's interesting to know. 

And apparently, Prince Philip wasn't the only royal to give Megs grief.

Between the rumoured feuds with Kate Middleton, the rumoured frostiness with Prince William, and whatever went on with Samantha Markle, there’s been more drama in Meg's life as a royal than as an actress.

Adding insult to overwhelming injury, apparently the Queen didn't take to Meghan initially either.

Image credit: Getty Images / Chris Jackson / Staff


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Written By Christina Cavaleri