Reports Meghan Markle is mistreating staff

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“She has very high standards..."

We've heard Meghan Markle is apparently not the easiest person, however this is coming from her step sister, Samantha and we all know she isn't exactly the most reliable source. 

However, according to the Mail on Sunday royal insiders claim Markle has "ripped up the rule book".

She wakes up at 5am and bombards her staff with texts wanting to discuss how to shape her role. 

The insider claims she messages up to seven times a day with demands.

The reports come after The Sun reported, the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge had an argument over the treatment of staff.


A royal insider told the publication: 

“She has very high standards and is used to working in a Hollywood environment.

“However, there’s a different degree of respect in the royal household and Kate has always been very careful about how she has acted around staff.”

Additionally the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are considering moving out of Kensington Palace altogether amid rumours that another royal family member is refusing to give up their home.

Image credit: Getty Images / UK Press / Mark Cuthbert / Contributor


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