The relationship Bachelor In Paradise producers didn’t want us to see

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We didn't realise they were even friends! 

Since leaving Bachelor In Paradise, Blake Colman has dropped a few bombshells, but the one we’re most interested in, is fact he and Megan Marx were a thing at one point on the show and it was all edited out! 

Taking to Instagram after not receiving a rose, Blake said there were many things he “wished made it to edit”, one of those things were the “good times” he spent with Megan.

The reality star admitted to crying over her the next day in the lengthy post:

“I have never felt what I felt when we hung out and I want to thank you for showing me how to truly love another person again, I know you had a tough decision and although I broke down in my next day interviews because I missed you already, I totally respect your choice because I know Jakey will def make you happy as he is such a legend of a man.”

So basically, Jake was at the centre of THREE love triangles. ICYMI, they were: Jake, Florence and Davey, Jake, Florence and Megan, and Jake, Megan and Blake.

Blake also added that one very important conversation didn’t make the edit and it was one we would have loved to see:

“[Jarrod Woodgate] and I had a great chat mending the past, I apologised for being a dick, he forgave and we moved onto becoming good friends, I am so happy on the result of tonights rose ceremony for you bro!”

Randomly enough, he also added one other thing that didn’t make the final edit, but gave no other explanation:

“Lenora licking a cane toad.”

I’m sorry what?! Did Laurina actually lick a cane toad?! And did the producers actually think this would be something we wouldn’t want to see?! Whatever that means, we sincerely hope there’s more deets.

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Written By Marni Dixit