Rebel Wilson forced to apologise after Twitter backlash

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"I now realize what I said was not only wrong but also incredibly hurtful."

After making a lot of people on Twitter angry yesterday when she claimed to be the "first-ever plus-sized girl to be the star of a romantic comedy" (and then doubling down on it when responding to Twitter users), Rebel Wilson has now issued an apology.

In a series of new tweets, the Aussie actress admitted that she "neglected to show the proper respect to those who climbed this mountain before [her]" before writing that she's "deeply sorry" for her remarks.

For context, this whole saga started when Wilson appeared on Ellen last week to plug her upcoming rom-com, Isn't It Romantic, in which she stars as the lead star opposite Liam Hemsworth.

During her chat with Ellen, Wilson proclaimed that she's "proud to be the first plus-sized girl to be the star of a romantic comedy".

After making that claim, Twitter users quickly pointed out to the Aussie star that other plus-sized stars such as Mo'Nique and Queen Latifah have both been the lead star of rom-coms before her.

Wilson initially stood by her claim and responded accordingly on Twitter.

Mo'Nique later chimed in on the discussion in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

However, things later came to a head when Wilson started blocking people on Twitter who called her out on her mistake, prompting people to start trending the hashtag #RebelWilsonBlockedMe.

We all say and/or tweet foolish things sometimes, but at least Wilson was able to see the error of her comments before quickly issuing out a timely apology.

Hopefully we can move on from this little debacle and look forward to her movie, which is scheduled for release in February 2019.

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