The Real Reason MAFS Experts Didn't Intervene In Jess And Dan’s Affair

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It shouldn't come as tooooo big of a shock but we'll share it anyway; Twitter is opinionated.

The source of their FEELS is none other than Married At First Sight and the series' experts.

Sunday night's episode saw the experts 'out' Heidi and Mike's argument, with Mel Schilling interrupting their bickering with her own observations.

While this may seem like a non-event, Twitter has - quite rightly - pointed out that the intervention proves that 1) experts are privy to dinner party goings on and 2) are totally allowed to intervene.

All of which begs the question: “Why didn't they jump in during the affairs?” - yes, affairs with an ‘s’.

In fact, it would seem the Twitter rumblings became so loud that a Nine spokesperson talked to TV Week, saying:

"The experts’ role on the show is to match the couples, observe the dinner parties and run the commitment ceremonies. They are not made privy to incidents with couples that happen outside of these events.

“At the dinner parties, they only observe [the] action in the dining room - not in the more private breakaway areas where participants sometimes go for personal chats.

“So, as was the case with Ines and Sam, they don't comment on the secret liaisons between Jess and Dan because they haven't seen them."

This isn't the first time executives have jumped in to clarify a thing or two about the show.

Executives Tara McWilliams and John Walsh previously told 9Honey that while many of the contestants had worked in media previously, it was "categorically untrue" that the contestants had been hired in a performance capacity for MAFS.

"We are well aware that some of the cast have done part-time modelling, appeared as extras in commercials or TV shows to supplement their income, but the suggestion that any of them were hired as performers to appear on Married At First Sight is categorically untrue," Walsh told the publication.

"It does a great disservice to the participants on the program who have all genuinely put themselves out there for the sake of this social experiment. You only need to see the anguish many of them go through every week exposing their emotions and vulnerability to see they are not acting. Every word they utter and action they take is heavily scrutinised by critics and social media. Many of them pay a high personal price for signing up to this search for a life partner. They have to put their lives on hold, some of them giving up jobs and the places they live, often moving interstate for three months away from family and friends."

Image: MAFS / Channel 9

Written By Ally Parker

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And Twitter is loving it.

With great power comes great responsibility.