Ray Meagher has a new gig and honestly, we're here for it

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"Paris Hilton should be absolutely petrified"

Your favourite Aussie legend, Ray Meagher, has caught the attention of the masses this weekend with the release of a new ad, The Daily Mail shares. 

The Home and Away star has featured in a new promo for website service Go Daddy in which he reveals that he has decided to launch a new fragrance: Raygrance Number 1. 

"Introducing my new fragrance: Raygrance Number 1," he said in the ad. 

"It's a new business I launched online..." 

To take the hilarious promo a level further, the actor - who is best known for his role as Alf Stewart - spoke with the Daily Telegraph about his unisex scent.

"I reckon Raygrance is going to come over the top of Paris Hilton like there is no tomorrow," he told the publication. 

"Her sales might be alright now and she might be the biggest seller now. But she will be second tomorrow. Paris Hilton has a few problems too because hers is only for women, mine is unisex." 

The best part of the whole campaign is that you can literally buy yourself a bottle of Raygrance for $15 and all proceeds will be donated to charity, Cure Cancer. 

Image: YouTube/GoDaddy

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo