Rami Malek Confirmed As The Next James Bond Villain And We Are Shaken, Not Stirred

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Rami Malek


Oscar winner Rami Malek has been studying up on Hollywood's top villains as he prepares to portray the latest Bond baddie.

The Bohemian Rhapsody star was unveiled as the evil mastermind in the as-yet-untitled 25th Bond film at a press event in Jamaica yesterday. 

Appearing live on Good Morning America, Malek confessed he knew "quite a bit" about his tech genius character in the film, but wasn't giving anything away and when he was asked to sum up the new baddie in one word, he said "villainous".

But Rami wasn't as coy about his research, revealing he has been watching Bond villains and other classic movie bad guys to prepare for the Bond shoot, which starts in Jamaica on Sunday, 28 April. 

"We've had such great villains in film history and I've just been going back and watching so many of them and trying to perhaps steal a little nugget from each one," Malek said. 

He also revealed Javier Bardem and Christoph Waltz are his favourite Bond bad guys.

Malek confessed that Craig, who will be reviving 007 for the last time in the new film, is not his favourite Bond, adding, "I liked Dr. No quite a bit. [Sean] Connery got me. Goldfinger is great. Man With the Golden Gun..."

"I think Daniel has done just an astounding job in making him (James Bond), in a way, relatable. There's a lot of things that none of us can do as James Bond but he brings this class to it, but this human factor and he's kind of cynical at the same time and ruthless, but you're always rooting for him. I think he's been terrific. It will be very interesting to go up against that man.

"It's Daniel's last film... but I'm gonna give him a run for his money." 

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