Queer Eye Heroes From All Three Seasons Met Up And We're Not Crying You Are

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Pass the tissues!

Ever since hitting our screens, Netflix’s Queer Eye has had the magical ability of bring people together.

And now with 25 episodes under their belt, there are plenty of opportunities for the Queer Eye heroes to meet up in real life after the show.

And that’s exactly what Season 3’s Jess did this weekend!

You might remember her from the tear-jerking episode where we found out that she had been kicked out of home at the age of 16 and had worked hard to create a new family for herself.

Well, she went on a little road trip to Georgia and met up with not one, not two but three familiar faces!

First stop on the whirlwind tour was Season 2’s Mama Tammye, and if the caption on her Instagram post doesn’t make you cry nothing ever will!

This pairing sent everyone into shock, including Queer Eye’s very own Bobby Berk who commented “OMG. THIS IS EVERYTHING! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️”

Jess also met up with Mama Tammye’s son Miles, who also played a big part in her heart-melting Queer Eye episode.

Together then hit the town with none other than Skylar, from Season 2. 

But wait, as the Queer Eye intro goes, all things just keep getting better...

Oh hey there Neal from Season 1!

Take one look at Neal's Instagram account and you'll see that he is notorious for meeting up with other Queer Eye heroes. 

He was even there for Skylar's graduation ceremony! 

Sure Neal is Gerogia local. But still... CAN YOU BELIEVE???

It looks like the Queer Eye crew had a blast, and we’re literally crying right now.

We want a spinoff series ASAP!

Images: Instagram

Written By Elise Ferrari