Prince William Accidentally Poked Emma Thompson's Nipple

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"And I’m pretty low slung these days..."

Academy Award winning actress, Emma Thompson was poked in the nipple by Prince William.

It actually happened though. 

The Love Actually star revealed to Ellen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she "yelped" when Prince William caught her nipple while fixing medals onto her blazer.

"You get two badges. He had to pin it on and it’s a little bit of a nipple moment and you go, ‘Gosh, I wasn’t expecting that’.

"And I’m pretty low slung these days, so both times it hurt. I made a very loud and inappropriate noise in Buckingham Palace."

Thompson received damehood from Prince William in November 2018 and has previously told Ellen that she asked to kiss the Prince. 

“I said, ‘I can’t kiss you, can I?’ And he said, ‘No don’t’."

“If you’re first up you have to be more formal on such an occasion, but he’s looking wonderful and doing so well. He said, ‘This day isn’t about me, it’s about you’.”

We’re with Emma though, we would definitely ask to kiss Prince William.

Image: The Ellen DeGeneres Show


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