Pink's Daughter Scales Scaffolding And Instagram Can't Handle The Pics

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Pink’s daughter Willow has no fear.

None. Zip. Zilch. 

The eight-year-old got dressed up in pink - no pun intended - from head to toe, and proceeded to scale the ~very~ high scaffolding adorning her mum’s stage. 

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The family - Pink (real name Alicia), hubby Carey Hart, Willow Sage and son, two-year-old Jameson Moon - are on the Europe leg of Pink’s Beautiful Trauma World Tour.

And while Pink’s sworn off posting her children on social media, Carey is more than happy to give the world a behind-the-scenes look at their journey.

“Willz got to get some climbing in today!!! Wasn’t the traditional rock gym, but mama @pink stage!” he caption the photo on Instagram.

“The first pic inside of the red circle is the top of where willow climbed too. This girl is not scared.” 

Instagram went ballistic over the snaps of Willow, amazed as her Dad at her fearlessness. 

You can't deny who your mom is. Doesn't know impossible. You can be proud of it," one commenter wrote. 

Totally badass," wrote another. 


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Image: Getty/Dave J Hogan/Contributor


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Written By Brynn Davies