Photo Of Matt Agnew Just "Ruined" The Bachelor For Fans

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“There should’ve been a warning before this was posted.”

So it turns out Matt Agnew has a doppelgänger from another reality TV series and the comparison is freaking everyone TF out. 

Instagram account @bachiefunny shared a side-by-side photo of Matt and Married At First Sight season five contestant Troy Delmege and NOPE NOPE NOPE:

You remember the one: he’s the guy who couldn’t brush his teeth and randomly dropped into push-ups to impress a chick: 


With their floppy hair and tendency to guffaw loudly and at all times, fans would be justified in thinking Matt and Troy were separated at birth.

And not all of them are happy about it. 

The doppelgänger reveal has people claiming they “can’t unsee” Troy and are no longer attracted to the Bachie as a result. 

Which really sucks for Matt, ‘cause we reckon he’s dapper.

“Done. I’m no longer attracted to him,” wrote one user.

“No bloody way. Bach is now ruined,” said another. 

One person suggested “There should’ve been a warning before this was posted.”

And it’s not just Matt’s cheeky grin and boyish charm that has people comparing the 32-year-old to Troy. 

Comparisons are being drawn online between Matt and Elly’s kiss and the way Troy acted with ‘wife’ Ashley Irvin on MAFS. 

We’re just gonna do the visual equivalent of sticking our fingers in our ears and yelling LA LA LA ‘cause there’s no way in heck we’re missing tonight’s episode. 


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Written By Brynn Davies