Osher Defends Bachie Gal Abbie For Owning Her Sexuality

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Empowered women are empowering. 

There’s a hierarchy of ‘trashiness’ when it comes to reality television. 

The Bachelor sits smack bang in the middle - not as mind-numbingly gross as Love Island (sorry, not sorry) but not as squeaky clean and cheerful as Masterchef. 

Bachie has its trashy moments including girl-on-girl cat fights and inappropriate swearing (we will always remember the dog c**t incident of 2019). But, for the most part, The Bachelor is void of any sexually explicit viewing - family time slot and all that. 

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Enter Abbie Chatfield - a contestant on the current season of the show with Bachelor Matt Agnew. Abbie and Matt have an intense sexual chemistry. something which has become quite apparent on the show. 

Quite apparent. 

Case in point: last night’s episode 

Viewers around the country have voiced their dislike for Abbie and discomfort at her sexual behaviour around Matt. But I’m here to say enough is enough. 

Did watching long uncut clips of Abbie humping Matt on a beach make me uncomfortable? Yes. 

But power to her. A woman who can embrace her sexuality with confidence should be celebrated. She should be seen as inspiring, not intimidating. 

If you won’t listen to me, at least listen to Osher: 

People on Twitter have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this whole topic, some agreeing with Osher and some pushing back. 

The thing to remember is that reality TV isn’t always reality (ironic and mind blowing, I know). It’s easy to get caught up but it’s important to remember that every shot and clip and voice-over has been carefully selected and edited to paint a deliberate picture. 

Just because all we see is Abbie going full Shakira with her hips with Matt on a beach and in a pool and on a bed doesn’t mean that’s all they do. And it certainly doesn’t mean Abbie and Matt don't have a deeper connection - if she’s made it to the final two, then there’s definitely something between them.

Will Abbie win? That’s a question I don’t know the answer to. 

But I at least hope that she and Matt can get it out of their system, if ya know what I mean. 

Dating Love GIF by The Bachelor Australia

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Written By Krisinda Merhi