The one thing Keith Urban hated about Nicole Kidman

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We certainly don't blame him!

As far as celebrity marriages go, you really can't do much better than Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

Having been married since 2006, the couple appear to be as in love with each other today as they were when they first met.

But as it is with any relationship, there are things your partner does that rubs you the wrong way slightly and it's no different with Nicole and Keith.

For Keith, there was something that Nicole did recently that he wasn't particularly fond of. Some might even say he hated. But don't worry, it's got nothing to do with her as a person. It actually has something to do with one of her upcoming movies.

Speaking to, Nicole revealed that Keith and her children weren't particularly fond of the transformation she underwent for the upcoming crime-drama Destroyer in which she plays a gritty LA police detective. 

“My children were particularly shocked with how I looked."

In fact, the actress' physical and psychological transformation was so jarring for Keith that she said he couldn't wait until she was done with the movie.

“He couldn’t wait for me to finish shooting Destroyer.”

Having seen the trailer (right below) for Destroyer, we can't say we blame Keith, Nicole is just terrifying in it!

Crazy transformation aside, it looks like Nicole has another winner on her hands with Destroyer, even if Keith hated how she approached the movie from such a dark place.

Ah well, we think he'll get over it once the movie comes out!

Image: John Shearer/Getty Images


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