One simple mistake changed everything for MasterChef contestant

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MasterChef has been cranking up the heat for finals week and we're all getting second-hand stress from the couch tbh.

Last night's episode was no different with contestant Jess nearly felled by a single ingredient.

Finalists Jess, Ben, Khan and Sashi competed in a culinary war of summer versus winter dishes with Jess confident in her plan to wow the judges with a winter-themed dessert of peanut butter and jelly opera cake with raspberries.

Only problem?

Raspberries are a summer fruit.

“When do raspberries grow? What season are raspberries? Do you think they grow in winter?” judge Matt Preston asked a visibly flustered Jess.

“Or do you think they grow in summer, then in autumn? So, think of the best way that you could add that flavour of raspberry to the dish so it’s appropriate for winter. It’s all about winter.”

Scrambling to correct her mistake, Jess went with a raspberry jelly instead.

Except the jelly didn't have quite enough time to set, costing her points.

“It’s light. It’s delicious, but it’s not what it promises to be,” Gary Mehigan said of the dish.

“I mean, if I wanted peanut butter and jelly, then I expect peanut butter and jelly. I’m missing pretty much all of it. What I’m getting is hazelnuts, chocolate, cream.”

“My real concern is I think of an opera cake and I think of those eight delicate layers. And really what you’ve brought is this chocolate hazelnut brownie with various creams in it. It’s good, it’s tasty, but finesse is what we’re looking for,” Matt Preston added.

Many fans took to Twitter to express their confusion over the confusing brief - was it 'inspired' by a season or literally representative of one? - as well as Jess's choice to overcome the fact raspberries are a summer fruit but making them into jelly.


Ben ended up winner the episode with an autumnal walnut-crumbed coral trout.

MasterChef finals week continues tonight at 7:30pm on Ten.

Image: MasterChef / Channel Ten


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Written By Ally Parker