One MAFS Couple Leaves And Three Other Relationships Are In Danger

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Susie MAFS

"I am so sick of you playing the victim!"

This will probably come as little surprise to anyone who watched Married At First Sight's dinner party episode this week that Dino and Mel decide to leave the experiment during Sunday night's commitment ceremony.

The pair had an explosive argument after Dino recorded one of Mel's conversations to her sister in which she apparently said some not-so-nice things about him.

Dino kicked things off by apologising for recording the conversation, but added that he felt that what she said was "quite hurtful". 

Mel responded:

"I'm sorry, you're acting like I slept with your best friend and killed your dog!"

She explained she was simply telling her sister what had happened between the pair from when they got married, saying "it was nothing you hadn't heard before". 

"Please get that recording out! Because I am so sick of you playing the victim! You were invading my privacy... God knows, have you been recording me more times? I feel sick!"

At this point, John intervenes and they reveal they've both decided to leave the experiment. 

Dino and Mel MAFS

Other couples who are on very rocky ground are Cyrell and Nic, Billy and Susie and Jessika and Mick.

During their time on the couch, Nic said he'd like to leave the experiment, but Cyrell chooses to stay forcing them to stay another week. 

This came following rumours Nic had been "touching up Jess at the dinner party" earlier in the week. 

Cyrell admitted that she "turned into a monster" when it happened, also saying she attacked Martha, who started the rumour.

She apologised to Nic, Martha and Michael for being so aggressive to them that day. 

Another couple who haven't been going very well are Susie and Billy, with Billy saying his 'wife' says a lot of "really hurtful" things. 

He said that it includes her telling him he's too small, he doesn't have big enough balls and he's not a man:

"I'm in touch with my feelings, I know when somebody's going out of their way to hurt me."

Susie vehemently denied that she was going out of her way to hurt him. 

"Billy stares, Billy's very awkward and makes me very uncomfortable. The silly odd things that come out of his mouth freak me out. It's a lot!"

"You were too much of a sweetheart and I told you that!"

"It's weird, Billy! It's too much!"

Nic and Cyrell

To which Billy responded that he was just trying to be "a nice person". 

John interrupts Susie, saying the way she speaks to Billy "is doing my head in".

He asks how she's contributing to the relationship breakdown and she doesn't see what she's doing wrong, which John tells her is a huge problem.

John questions whether Susie thinks she's better than Billy because that's how she comes across.

After the pair say they'll stay to try things out another week, Susie tells the producers, "I regret writing 'stay'."

Meanwhile, Mick struggled with the fact Jess essentially called him a sex predator last week on the couch. He was also upset with the fact Jess gave Daniel so much attention at the dinner party.

"I'm just about at the finish line."

In the end, Mick decided to leave, but Jess said stay so they are forced to stay another week and work on their relationship. 

Jess tells the expert she'll put in "110 per cent effort" next week and Mick responded:

"Why did it take me writing 'leave' for you to bloody do that?"

Jess said, "He's worth it," and will put in the effort for him going forward.

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Written By Marni Dixit