Olympia Valance stuns as she gets ready for the ARIAs

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If you’re a fan of 24-year-old Olympia Valance, then you probably don’t need us to wax lyrical about her (and her eyebrows).

If you’re woefully behind, then welcome to your new celeb girl crush.

The Neighbours star has uploaded videos to Instagram from her ARIA Awards ‘getting ready’ sesh (which girls abound know is the best/most fun part of any event) and we’re absolutely gaga for her look.

“@maxmade the king of makeup himself,' Olympia captioned a selfie of herself and makeup artist Max May. 

That SKIN though!

^^^^ Just more proof that brunette’s got it going ON.

Olympia has previously told Cosmopolitan about how she maintains her figure (hint: with a lot of hard work by following a mostly paleo diet and engaging in F45 and Crossfit workouts.

“I eat a lot of fresh (mostly organic) food, and don't eat much sugar anymore,” she told Cosmo.

“I haven't had pasta in about four years! I still have dairy, although not that much. I feel so much better for it.”

"My schedule is so varied that it's really hard to have a routine. But I try to train at the gym four times a week, every week – no matter what I'm doing. I usually see a personal trainer – we do cross-fit. I get more out of that training than any other training I've done."

Might be worth it tbh.

Lead Image: Instagram / Olympia Valance


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