Nick Jonas Says John Mayer Plagiarised A JoBro Song, But He’s Cool With It

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“It’s a compliment.”


The Jonas Brothers braved the mighty hot wing in a new episode of YouTube series Hot Ones

We’re not sure if it was the hot wings he was eating at the time, but Nick Jonas said he’s flattered John Mayer copied the chorus of a Jonas Brothers song he liked.

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So this is the song Nick’s talking about: 

And this is the John Mayer song which Nick alleges was ripped off:


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The Jealous singer revealed during Hot Ones that Mayer approached the trio years ago and confessed he was a big Lovebug fan. 

"He did kinda copy a song of ours. Little known fact. Look it up on YouTube,” Nick said. 

"He came to us at the Grammys years ago and he said, 'I love your song Lovebug...' Two years later he released a song and the chorus is literally the same with different lyrics."

Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967, which featured on Mayer’s 2012 album Born and Raised, is the song referred to by Nick’s plagiarism allegations. 

But Mayer needn't worry about a plagiarism bid, as Nick insists, "It's a compliment when somebody does that!"

Jolly good sport, Nick. 

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"He is now not in the right headspace"

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