Nick Jonas Doesn’t Understand This Iconic Internet Meme And We’re Concerned

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"Oh, this is the thing I never understand.”

The Jonas Brothers might have been around forever, but they’re definitely not old. 

Kevin, Joe and Nick are all in their 20s so should be all across the latest lingo and internet craze. But one JoBro is more of an old man than a young superstar - Nick, bless him. 

In an interview with Twitter Music, the Jonas Brothers sat down and read out fan tweets. Nick struggled to get his head around the first one. 

This was it: 

Nick openly admitted that he never understands ‘no one’ memes and Joe’s eye roll and frustrated face is hilarious. 

"He doesn’t understand memes and he didn’t get this one,” Joe said. “I explained this to you like 400 times.” 

“I just don’t understand why the no one part isn’t an explanation,” Nick said, trying to defend his honour.

Imagine a life where you don’t understand memes. Where would your hourly source of joy come from? 

Check out the clip below (prepare to laugh and cringe):

Images: Jonas Brothers / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi