Nic Cage Scream-Singing ‘Purple Rain’ At Karaoke After Getting Divorced Is Golden

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This is how we should all deal with our feelings. 

Nic Cage is having a really, really, really bad time rn. 

The poor dude got married during a drunken whirlwind in Las Vegas, was divorced four days later (yes, days) and is now being hit up by his 'ex' for spousal support. 

And we thought we were having a sucky month. 

So ol' mate Cage is dealing with it in the way all soul-crushingly heart-broken, B-grade celebrities should: by getting slam-drunk in a karaoke bar and belting the hell out of Prince’s Purple Rain. 

And there you have it. Probably the most emotionally-loaded and ~tone deaf~ rendition of the classic you’ll ever hear. 

#1like1prayer for Nic Cage. 


Image: Getty / Jason Merritt / TERM / Staff

Written By Brynn Davies