New Streaming Service Is Offering A Library Bigger Than Netflix For Free

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Tubi launched in Australia over the weekend. 

A new video streaming service called Tubi has expanded its free, premium service to Australia, and it’s bringing a library bigger than Netflix’s Down Under.

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TUBI will have the largest free library in the country, and holds nearly 7,000 movies and TV series, with plenty more to be added in the near future, matching Tubi’s US library size of 15,000 titles. 

Flicks such as Dirty Dancing, The Blair Witch Project, Grudge, Requiem for a Dream, Reservoir Dogs and Saw will be available on the ad-supported video service. 

The streaming service is completely free for consumers, has a bigger library than Netflix and registration is optional. 

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Customers in Australia can access Tubi via Telstra TV, Tubi.TV, or through nearly any internet-connected screen including Samsung TV’s, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and Apple iOS, as well as Android tablets and smartphones. The service will also be available via game consoles, including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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