New picture reveals who will win The Bachelorette

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If you're anything like us, you've been watching The Bachelorette and scratching your head.

Who is going to win this bloody thing?

Who's the red herring?

Will we still care come the actual finale?

Well folks, we have good news.

A lot of those questions might already be answered.

You see, a cheeky pic has cropped up on Insta showing most of the shows top runners including two of Ali's top three.

So... that leaves just one, very important person missing.

If you're counting them off at home, the image shows Taite Radley, Bill Goldsmith (both part of the final three) with Ivan Krslovic, Daniel Hobley and Robert Colangelo.

And ol' mate Todd King is curiously absent.

As the lucky two are usually on 'lockdown' during filming, there's a pretty decent chance Todd is absent for a good (see: winning) reason.

Todd also recently added to his Instagram bio, hinting at a potential change maybe?

Along with his standard "Dog dad" and "All puns intended", lines, Todd added "Wannabe Athlete". Fans believe this is a clear connection to Ali who is known for her love of health and fitness.

Or, you know... he's refreshing before a mad Tinder sprint.

Image: Instagram


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Written By Ally Parker