New Pics Show Ines Kissing Yet Another Contestant And We Have Some Questions

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The show that keeps on giving.

Ines Basic may have left MAFS but her headlines just keep floating on by.


Oh, just a casual spot of neckin' with fellow co-star Martha on a night out.

Now we can't show those photos here because of ~reasons~, so check them out here if you so wish. To make up for it, here are some kittens kissing.

It's no secret that Ines and Martha have bonded after their time on the series.

The pair have been spotted out and about together and posted selfies from photoshoots:

While obviously it's no biggie to sneak a peck with whomever you'd like, what's set tongues waggin' is the timing as Ines left the series after having an affair with yet another contestant (Sam).

The news comes after Jess and Dan were ALSO spotted have a cheeky pash on the Goldie. 

Did we mention this is the show that just keeps on giving?

Image: MAFS / Channel


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Written By Ally Parker