New Married At First Sight features a man 'too good looking' to find love

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Image: Channel Nine

Can you be too hot for love? Apparently.

A trailer for the new series of Married At First Sight showcases Sam Ball - a "model tradie" and sometime Home and Away extra who, by his own admission, is too sexy to find a wife.

This man is so handsome, even the bridesmaids at his arranged TV 'wedding' are going gaga over him.

So what's the problem? MAFS relationship "expert" John Aiken helpfully offers:

“He’s finding his looks working against him in the dating world.”

Must be lonely being so really, really good looking. Sam says:

“I always feel judged for my appearance. [Women] just see me and they don’t want a bar of it. They’re just like ‘Nup’.”

He's so hot, he gets featured on the official MAFS poster. According to Daily Mail - the brunette woman in the pic isn't actually who he's paired with, however.

Their resident sleuth claims Sam actually gets "married" to Elizabeth, dubbed "Australia's most confident bride":

The new series of Married At First Sight airs on Channel Nine on January 28.

Image: Channel Nine

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