A new Avengers: Endgame trailer is here and we have FEELINGS

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Excited sure doesn't cover it.

“Some people move on. Not us.”

This is as close to new information as we get in the Avengers: Endgame trailer that just dropped during the Super Bowl: that the surviving members of the gang are still mad

Look how mad Cap is!

A full three seconds – 10% of the trailer – is devoted to Chris Evans clenching his perfect jaw. As it should be.

The spot even riles us up with a super-quick montage of heroes who got dusted in the Snappening, from Hope and Strange to (sob) Peter. Plus, shots of am extremely quiet, desolate New York, and posters for post-Snap support groups.

The Avengers? More like The Leftovers, am I right?

Other things we learn: Rocket is hanging out at Avengers HQ, Thor is on Titan (where Thanos has his nice farm), Hawkeye’s hair is bad, and Natasha is blonde now.

There’s also a new Captain Marvel spot, but there’s no new information in there – we already knew she’s awesome.

Image: YouTube / Marvel

Written By Ally Parker