Nathan From Hi-5 Auditioned On The Voice And Yes, He’s Still Got It

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One, two, three, four… 


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That’s right, Nathan as in Nathan Foley as in Nathan from the original Hi-5* was on The Voice.

It’s been TEN YEARS since he left Hi-5 and he’s now 39 years old which is enough in itself to overwhelm us.

“Primarily the reason why I wanted to do The Voice is because I bumped into a girl that grew up watching me on TV when I was a kid,” Nathan explained in his pre-audition video.

“She said, ‘Where have you been?’ I haven’t seen you for like ten years, have you given up on singing?’ And that really made the big decision in my head to get out there and say, ‘Look I’m still here’ and show who Nathan Foley really is.”

Much to our disappointment, Nathan didn’t audition with a Hi-5 song (Five Senses is a banger). Instead, he put his own spin on Kenny Loggins’ Footloose and looked like a total spunk doing so (yes, we realise this is a guy our five-year-old selves fell asleep listening to, but shush). 

Oh yeah, and he sounds pretty damn good too:

Can we also appreciate the fact that he chose to be on Team Delta? Two Australian icons working side by side…we might cry. 

elisha cuthbert crying GIF

*The BEST Hi-5, thank you very much. Kathleen, Tim, Nathan, Charlie and Kellie were the best of the best and anyone who thinks otherwise is a traitor. 

Images: The Voice / Channel Nine, Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi