Monique Was Completely Unrecognisable Before The Bachelor

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Is that even the same person?

She’s the hot-rod adrenaline junkie whose blonde tresses defy both gravity (seriously, how were they still perfect after aerobatics?) and, seemingly nature. 

Matt Agnew’s kiss #3, Monique Morley, isn’t a natural blonde - at least if her ‘gram is anything to go off. 

Being the Bachie sleuths we are, we’ve unearthed some old pics of the lingerie designer from 2015 and we had serious trouble validating that we weren’t looking at someone totally different. 

Here’s a recent pic for reference:

And HERE is Monique pre-Bachie: 


Season 5 Omg GIF by Friends

Monique looked super cute as a brunette in 2015 wearing a piece from her lingerie brand Intimates by Monique (which, judging by the hashtag, didn’t even have its own Insta account back then. Aww). 

And if you were curious about whether she pulled off fluro while working at the mines as much as she rocks an evening frock, voila: 

Ah Mon, look how far you’ve come. We just hope you last the distance in the mansion.

Bachie GIF by The Bachelor Australia


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Written By Brynn Davies