Monique Slams Bachelor Matt Agnew As 'Trash On TV'

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"C'mon, get a room."

Last night's Bachie saw Monique (rightly) booted after calling Matt Agnew a "dog c**t".

She denied it 'til the end, so we've got to give her props for sticking to her guns but you can't argue with first hand accounts.

And while many would call it a day after such a brutal dumping, Mon is doing no such thing.

Since getting the boot, the lingerie designer has come out swinging, calling Matt "trash".

The NSW-based contestant told Now To Love that she's glad to be eliminated, saying the Bachelor's antics with the other girls are "a bit much".

"When I look at those promos and the videos, I am like you know what, I don't even care because I'm like, "You look like trash on TV!" The grinding on the beach? I mean, c'mon, get a room," she told the publication.

Rumour has it Monique has moved on with Sydney-based personal trainer Cameron Bealey. So, no harm done (just fire tweets)?

Image: Instagram / Monique Morely

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Written By Ally Parker