Millie Bobby Brown Launches Beauty Brand And We All Need To Step It Up

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She’s 15!

Millie Bobby Brown is once again proving that we are all underachievers. Seriously, what was I doing at 15? Nothing close to what Millie is doing that's for sure. 

Not only is Millie one of the coolest young Hollywood stars on the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, she's just launched her own beauty line. 

Taking to Instagram, the 15-year-old revealed the new brand called Florence by Mills to her 27.9 million followers.

"Every young person deserves to have a good start with their skin."

The brand is vegan, clean and cruelty free and appeals to the younger audience market in the demographic cohort of Gen Z.

"I want my beauty brand to represent individuality and embrace who you are."

The actor says she has been working on the brand for two years:

"I can't begin to explain the love I have for this and how hard but crazy excited I was to create it. Two years of creating a beauty and skincare brand jeez... that's a long time to keep a secret but now I can finally share the news with u all."

Even though I’m not apart of Gen Z, I’ll still be spring cleaning my makeup bag. 

Image: Instagram

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Written By Christina Cavaleri