Miley Cyrus Was Groped By A Fan And The Footage Is Disturbing

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Could you imagine living like this?

There are a number of different levels of fame.

The Riverdale level.

Then there's the Miley Cyrus level which includes millions of fans following your every move. 

Whilst fame seems glamorous from the outside, there are some very un-glamorous aspects.

Case in point: personal space and safety. 

Miley and hubby Liam Hemsworth can't even walk to their car without being groped by adoring fans in Barcelona, Spain. 

And one fan went too far. 

Miley’s security team were forced to intervene after the fan pulled her by the neck to try and kiss her.

The footage posted by Spanish Miley devotee Alvaro Saucedo on Twitter showed the fan grabbing the star's hair and shoulder, attempting to plant a kiss on Miley's cheek.

Miley then tried to pull away. The couple's security team then put themselves between Miley and the fan, and ushered her away into her vehicle.

Many of Miley's fans were outraged by the episode, with some responding to the video by tweeting that it was "disgusting" and questioning whether onlookers should have got physical to stop the man from getting to their idol.

Image: Instagram


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Written By Christina Cavaleri