Miley Cyrus’ text to Ariana Grande after her split from Pete Davidson proves she’s the BFF we all need

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We all need a Miley in our lives

Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande have the kind of friendship we all want. 

They don’t hang out all the time but when they do they do cool stuff like sing together and just generally support each other (which is the coolest of all cool things). 

Miley made an appearance on the Sten Show earlier this month and spoke about her friendship with Ari. 

“I would say she’s a good friend,” Miley said. “It’s not about how many hours spent or how many inside jokes you have, but it’s about the real sh**t.” 

The “real” stuff also includes breakups, and Miley revealed that she reached out to Ariana following her split from Pete Davidson. 

“I’m an emoji person, so I just sent a bunch of hearts and the little cat with the heart eyes,” Miley said. 

But Miley says her text was more than just a bunch of cute emojis. 

“It felt like to me maybe like a little, ‘Oh hey, someone loves you. I'm here. If it’s not working, here I am.'” 

So sweet! 

Ariana replied a cloud emoji, which Miley took to mean “‘I’m okay, and I’m here...Thank you for thinking of me.’ That’s what I think it meant.”

We’re not sure we could have a whole conversation in emojis, but we definitely get it. 

Break-ups suck. You often don’t feel like talking or just don’t have the words but it’s still nice to know people are there for you. 

And Miley absolutely nailed that brief! 

Best friend goals? We think so! 

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