Miley Cyrus Jamming to 'Breaking Free' Is The Disney Crossover We All Need

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Miley Cyrus is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Mostly because she isn’t afraid to be totally 100% herself on social media. 

She drools openly about her hubby Liam Hemsworth on Instagram, gives casual details about her sex life like it’s so normal and, most recently, brought back Hannah Montana. 

Well, as close to Hannah as we’re ever gonna get: she got blonde extensions and recreated some of Hannah’s greatest hits like the icon she is. 

It’s like nothing has changed. 

Miley has gone a step further today by jamming to some of Disney’s greatest hits on full blast in her car. 

Don’t lie, we’ve all done it. 

And let’s be real, if you HAVEN’T done it then you have not lived. 

Miley posted a bunch of clips to her socials which show her jamming to So Yesterday by Hilary Duff:

High School Musicals iconic Breaking Free aka  the song that “shaped a f**king generation”:

You know what else shaped a generation? Zac Efron’s bowl cut. And his biceps. 

And, finally, Stick To The Status Quo which is also from HSM: 

Who can forget this iconic High School cafeteria dance number which made you want to jump around your living room and tell all the haters to back off? 

Naturally, the internet went into meltdown.  

Miley’s jamming session not only proved how bloody great she is, but reminded us just how good Disney Channel used to be. 

Nothing beats the days when you could watch back-to-back episode of Lizzie Mcguire and That’s So Raven, and all your favourite Disney Channel stars would draw weird glitter Mickey mouse ears in the corner of your TV screen. 

Like this: 

Bring back Disney Channel circa 2006 pls. 

Images: Hannah Montana / Disney Channel, Giphy / Giphy.




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