Miley Cyrus Drops New Song That Fans Reckon Is About Liam Hemsworth

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"Baby, we were found, but now we’re lost. So it’s time to let it go."

In other words, she's released new music and fans are jumping on the speculation wagon saying it's about her split from Liam Hemsworth. 

Titled Slide Away (already a big hint if we're reading in between the lines), Miley sings about letting go of her past.

The lyrics start with: "Once upon it was paradise/ Once upon a time I was paralysed / I think I’m gonna miss these harbour lights / But it’s time to let it go."

Anyone else crying?

"Once upon a time it was made for us / Woke up one day and it turned to dust.

"Baby, we were found, but now we’re lost / So it’s time to let it go."

The song also references drugs and alcohol which has been a rumour spreading through the mill this week:

"I want my house in the hills / Don’t want the whisky and pills / I don’t give up easily but I don’t think I’m down."

TMZ reported that sources close to Miley say she wanted to save the marriage but according to the publication Liam has been "drinking a lot" and "using certain drugs".

Then comes the line that broke our hearts:

"Move on, we’re not 17 / I’m not who I used to be.

"You said that everything changed / You’re right I’m grown now."

Miley and Liam, of course, met back in 2010 when she was just 17 years old and we've all been on a rollercoaster of a ride watching her become who she is today. But clearly, the pair just isn't working anymore.

News broke over the weekend that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth split eight months after their Christmas wedding. A representative for Miley confirmed the news, telling E! News:

"Ever-evolving, changing as partners and individuals, they have decided this is what’s best while they both focus on themselves and careers," the rep explained, insisting the pair "still remain dedicated parents to all of their animals they share, while lovingly taking this time apart."

Since then, Miley has been spotted living it UP overseas with Brody Jenner's ex Kaitlynn Carter.

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