Michael and Kyly Clarke's two-year-old daughter rushed to hospital

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Image: Kyly Clarke / Instagram

Kelsey-Lee Clarke, the two-year-old daughter of Michael and Kyly Clarke, has been rushed to hospital suffering from a mystery illness.

The worried parents shared a video to Instagram showing the toddler in an emergency ward, with Kyly looking through a bag in the background.

Image: Kyly Clarke / Instagram

The worrying event comes months after Kelsey-Lee was in hospital for another unknown ailment in February, with Michael sharing a photo of his daughter being cuddled by Kyly in a hospital bed.

Kelsey-Lee was born five weeks premature in November 2015.

Mum Kyly was involved with the Ronald McDonald Charities initiative Bed Art 4 Kids - a fundraiser for sick kids and their families.

She told 9Honey:

"We've all had friends or family members that have had children who are seriously ill,"

"They're very vulnerable and now that we have one of our own, it's obviously very close to our hearts.

"I think the hard thing is when you see your children sick.

So, personally, having to stand aside and see Kelsey Lee sick or having to rush her to the hospital for something... they're one-offs, but we've got it easy compared to families who have children in a worse position.

"It's a huge responsibility when you have a child because you take on all the emotions with the good and the bad of that and you never know what lies ahead in your life."

Image: Kyly Clarke / Instagram

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