Meghan Markle’s baby bump sparks hot debate online

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Are people crazy?!


Meghan Markle is no stranger to the spotlight. 

The former actress turned royal has been at the centre of some pretty unusual interweb discussions as of late. 

Is there no end to what the people notice?!

Are they going to pick on everything humanly possible?!

Yes, yes they are. 

The latest hot topic is Meghan’s growing baby bump. 

Now you might be thinking, “awww cute”, but how wrong you would be our friend. 

Meghan is causing waves online (specifically with the online community of mums who feel very strongly about their past/present/non-existent baby bumps) because of how she cradles her belly. 

As in how she positions her arms over her bump. Because apparently you can do that wrong (?!?!?). 

At the British fashion awards this week Meghan was pictured standing like this: 

Some of the thoughts we had? Wow she’s really popped! She looks INCREDIBLE. Will WE look like that when pregnant? Lol jokes, we’ll wear sweats everywhere…

But the internet had some other things to say.

“#MeghanMarkle holding on to that bump like someone’s about to snatch it,” one user quipped.

And the real clincher:

“She should learn from Kate on how to pose regally when pregnant. Both hands discretely [sic] under the bump. Not cradling like Demi Moore. #Crasspregnancy.”

Oh boy.


Ohhhh boy. 

People. Listen. She’s pregnant, she’s beautiful, she’s happy- why do we care how she holds her bump?!

Why is it not okay for her to hug her beautiful belly?!

Why are you trying to control how she lives her life?!




And we’re not the only one’s who think the internet has lost its mind. 

While people had a lot of negative things to say about Meghan and her bump, others were quick to jump to her defence. 

Another user wrote, “lol imagine being mad at Meghan for putting her ~own hands~ on her ~own baby bump ~ wow you lot have time.”

We’re all for women supporting women and people supporting people so don’t forget to be kind, internet. 

Just be kind. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi
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