Meghan Markle shows off her growing baby bump

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Ever since it was announced that Meghan Markle is pregnant, the whole world has been eagerly keeping tabs on every single stage of her pregnancy. 

And now we can happily say that she's officially into the "growing baby bump" phase!

The Duchess of Sussex attended her first Royal Variety Performance event on Monday, where she turned up in a stunning sequinned top and black skity by Safiyaa (which undoubtedly cost a pretty penny or two.)

Aside from looking great (as per usual), the biggest thing that caught our eye wasn't her outfit but her tiny but clearly visible baby bump.

Seriously, just look at it:


Just because we can't get enough of Meghan's growing baby bump, here's another angle of it:

As for when the royal baby will make his/her grand entrance into this world, well we have no idea when that is (just disregard what Missy Higgins has to say on the matter) other than sometime next year. 

In the meantime though, we're gonna eagerly keep tabs on Meghan as she gracefully moves from the "growing baby bump" stage to the "she's absolutely glowing" stage!

Images: Ricky Vigil M/GC Images/Getty Images


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Written By Alexander Pan