Meghan Markle reportedly did the most rich person thing after she got rich

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When in Hollywood…

It’s hard to imagine a time when Meghan Markle wasn’t some sort of royalty. 

From TV royalty to ACTUAL royalty, Meghan is loved by people worldwide. 

But before all the glitz and glam she was just a normal girl like the rest of us normal people. 

And that normal girl did normal things like, uh, shop at Zara. 

We for one love Zara. You’re never short of a good purchase. In fact, the only reason we DON’T like Zara is because there’s TOO much to buy. 

Anyway, back to Meghan. 

Apparently, following her rise to stardom after the success of TV show Suits, Meghan realised she could afford clothes with more than a two figure price tag. 

So what did she do?

She threw herself a party at home which she unofficially called a “Sayonara Zara” party, a source told Vanity Fair

Yep, Meghan reportedly got a bunch of guests together and gave away the lower-priced clothes in her closet. 

Which is probably the most rich person thing she could’ve done after becoming rich. 

While Meghan hasn’t completely forgotten her love for Zara, still occasionally wearing pieces from the label, she’s now more commonly spotted in clothes from top styles like Ralph Lauren, Givenchy and Burberry. 

The price-tag on those items? A casual four-figures. Insane to us but something which Meghan can easily afford. 

When in Buckingham Palace do as the royals do.


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Written By Krisinda Merhi