Meghan Markle cuts final event on Fijian agenda short due to 'security risk'

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"She was a bit afraid"

The final item on Duchess of Sussex's Fijian agenda came to an abrupt end after what is being referred to as a supposed "security risk", reports reveal. 

Markle was paying a visit to the UN Women's Project Markets for Change and, according to reports from The Mirror, was expected to spend about 15 minutes in the area speaking with locals and stall holders, but only stayed for half that time. 

It is said the venue was packed with people desperate to catch a glimpse of the Duchess, which led to unexpected crowding in the uncomfortably humid market. 

Onlookers have told media that Markle looked "concerned" and "afraid". It's been reported she whispered something to her aide shortly after arriving and soon after, she was hurried away. 

The Mirror has stated that "crowd management" was at the heart of the reason Markle, who is 14 weeks pregnant, left so early. 

A local spoke with the website about the incident, sharing that:

"Before entering the market where there were scores of people all cheering and waving inside with their phones held up to record, Meghan leant over and whispered into the ear of one of her aides.

"When she got into the market she looked really disengaged, not her usual self at all.

"It was very hot and humid in there so perhaps it wasn't the best environment for a pregnant woman."

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo

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