Matty J and Laura Byrne reveal their baby's name

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Matty J and Laura Byrne

This baby will be SO CUTE!

On Saturday, Bachelor fans everywhere were ecstatic to learn Matty J and Laura Byrne are expecting their first baby due in June.

Laura, who is at the 15-week mark in the pregnancy joined Nova's Summer Breakfast Show with Matt, Sarah and Matty J on Monday morning and revealed while she doesn't want to know the gender of the baby just yet, Matty does:

"I don't want to, but Matt really wants to."

Sarah added that Matty's been asking her about boys names specifically with the former Bachelor star saying:

"When I text about it, I always refer to 'it' as 'him'."

Laura revealed she does the same and thinks they both subconsciously want it to be a boy.

Matt de Groot asked whether the media attention on Laura has been frustrating and she admitted it's been quite 'stressful', joking:

"But I've pretty much just spent the entire time on the couch, creating a nice dent in the pillows there so they couldn't really get photos of me because I didn't leave!"

The pair revealed they've been trying to keep a low-profile during their doctor's visits, but during their eight week scan Laura was recognised at the private clinic. She explained:

"We're sitting in the waiting room and it's a private clinic and we're trying to be really low-key here and the girl at reception was like 'Oh, I know you!Can I get a photo?'"

Matty added:

"The look on your face, you instantly turned to her and said 'No!'"

Sarah asked whether the couple have thought of any names and informed Laura that Matty has been telling her and Matt that Laura doesn't get much of a say in the baby's name. Sarah added:

"I did explain to him that the final decision lies with you. He's a ballsy man if he tries to take you on in those final moments to push a name across the line."

Laura said:

"Well, I already told him, he gets Johnson so I get the other names, that's his claim!"

"We haven't even talked about this, but I assume baby gets his surname, maybe we'll hyphenate it."

When it comes to the names, Matt said Matty had suggested, "River, Phoenix, Moon."

Laura joked:

"We have a friend called River already, I think some of them are a bit too Bondi, maybe?" 

Matty also joked that Metallica was also on the list, but Laura quickly shut that idea down as well.

The couple spoke to The Daily Telegraph last week, with Matty saying:

"I couldn't think of a better way to end the year."

He also took to Instagram to celebrate the news, writing:

"I’m so bad at keeping secrets so I’m EXTREMELY excited to let everyone know, we are having a little baby! @ladyandacat I love you more than words can describe and I can’t wait to start our family together. WE ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS!!"

The touching announcement follows the heartbreaking news that the couple suffered through a miscarriage earlier in the year. A point Byrne mentioned to The Daily Telegraph.

"We'd heard so many stories about how it had been so difficult for some people, and obviously we thought it was going to be difficult for me because of what had already happened," she said. 

We're so glad to hear the couple is doing well and we have no doubts the pair will have a ridiculously cute bub on their hands!

Image: Matty J/Instagram


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