Matthew Morrison Talks The Possibility Of A Glee Reboot

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Do you agree with Mr Schuester?

Almost 10 years after the first season of Glee hit screens (we don't know how that happened, either) Matthew Morrison, who starred as Will Schuester, has chatted about the prospect of rebooting the series. 

In an interview with Page Six, the performer revealed that he didn't think Glee 2.0 would be a good idea. 

“Not happening — not for me,” he told the outlet while in New York. 

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He went on to explain that as all the key characters have moved on from high school the concept just “wouldn’t work".

While he quickly shut down the idea of a reboot, he was open to a reunion concert with the original crew - provided the money went towards a charity. Morrison went on to share that the O.G cast is very much still in each other's lives, sharing that they often turn up to support one-another in new projects.

“We are [all] very connected still,” he told Page Six. 

“We’re very involved in each other’s lives … so that we can help support each other. Like if Darren [Criss] or Lea [Michele] have a show … then a bunch of us will show up.”

If you're a Gleek who was hoping to hear better news, we're sorry there isn't a more exciting update to share. But, hey! Fingers crossed a reunion concert is on the cards soon. 

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo