Matt reveals REAL reason he was a virgin in MAFS audition tape

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BTS footage alert.

Without underplaying things at all, the second dinner party on MAFS this seasons was tense AF.

^^^ ouch.

For those who missed the episode or have simply forgotten the nitty gritty, we'll recap the above in a sentence for you:

"'Former-virgin' Matt revealed he was not attracted to his wifey Lauren and the second-hand soul crush was brutal."

While the revelation explained a few things about Matt and Lauren's relationship - a few things have yet to be answered fully. Until now.

Matt's MAFS audition tape has been shared via 9Honey's Talking Married and tbh? It kind of clears a lot up:

"It was never a conscious choice to still be a virgin at 29," he can be heard saying nervously.

He went on to explain that his (former) status was "an unfortunate side effect of me [blocking] myself from any sort of vulnerability, being social and dating" and that he applied in the hopes it would build confidence.

"[The show] terrifies me and it's only something I've recently learnt that the more something terrifies me the more important it is that I have to do it. If I can face this, there's nothing that can hurt me basically."

"Here's this group of alpha males, all these big personalities," he told the hosts.

"My last experience of that in high school was not positive, and here I am going through it again, but they're actually accepting, encouraging and supporting me. It was quite cathartic going through that process."

Poor Matt. Poor Lauren. Poor anyone on this series 'cause it feels like a vulnerability overload.

And we're just in the audience.

Image: MAFS / Channel 9


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