Matt Agnew Reveals Cute AF Code Name For The Winner

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He’s saved her contact under a pseudonym.

Matt Agnew and his winning Bachie babe are being held under very tight wraps until the season finale airs. 

They’re not even allowed to watch the show together, with Matt revealing to Yahoo ”We’re on very, very tight leashes.”

They even have to go to great lengths to disguise any detail which could give the game away, including using code names to save one another’s phone numbers. 

Matt shared with Studio 10 the nickname he’s saved the winning lady’s digits under.

You have one guess. 


Yep, it’s Rose! 

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No prizes for originality there.

In the interview with Studio 10, Matt admitted "It's really hard," to be kept apart from his Bachie beau. 

"One of the hardest parts is you can't be seen with them, and you have to maintain, just like any relationship, as much open, honest communication as you can.”

The poor Bachie wasn’t even able to celebrate his recent birthday - he turned 32 on July 29 -  with ‘Rose’. 

“I got to give them a call and have a bit of a chat, it’s such a hectic schedule that we had to do it by phone,” he explained.

We’re stoked he actually finds love in the end, but LBH, we’re all just here for the drama beforehand. 

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Written By Brynn Davies

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