Matilda Is Headed To Netflix And It's All We Want To Watch Ever Again

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The older I get the more I relate to Miss Trunchball tbh.

You've read the headline but allow us to confirm the glorious, glorious news: Matilda is headed to Netflix in November (the first of the month to be exact).

And we have to admit.

It's an even better movie than we remember from our childhood.

The Wormwoods? Despicable but lowkey hilarious.

Miss Trunchball? We relate to her as adults tbh.

But that's not all. A host of other Netflix Originals and classics are hitting the streaming service in November.

You can peep the full list below:

Atypical: Season 3 (01/11/2019)
Hache (01/11/2019)
Queer Eye: We're in Japan! (01/11/2019)
We Are the Wave (01/11/2019)
The End of the F***ing World: Season 2  (05/11/2019)
Greenleaf: Season 4 (06/11/2019)
SCAMS (06/11/2019)
Busted!: Season 2 (08/11/2019)
Greatest Events of WWII in HD Colour (08/11/2019)
Green Eggs and Ham (08/11/2019)
Little Things: Season 3 (09/11/2019)
Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 5 (10/11/2019)
The Stranded (14/11/2019)
Avlu: Part 2 (15/11/2019)
I'm with the Band: Nasty Cherry (15/11/2019)
The Club (15/11/2019)
The Toys That Made Us: Season 3 (15/11/2019)
The Crown: Season 3 (17/11/2019)
Mortel (21/11/2019)
Dolly Parton's Heartstrings (22/11/2019)
High Seas: Season 2 (22/11/2019)
Nailed It! Holiday!: Season 2 (22/11/2019)
Narcoworld: Dope Stories (22/11/2019)
Nobody's Looking (22/11/2019)
Singapore Social (22/11/2019)
Final Space: Season 2 (24/11/2019)
Merry Happy Whatever (28/11/2019)
Lugar de Mulher (28/11/2019)
Mytho (28/11/2019)
Sugar Rush Christmas (29/11/2019)
The Movies That Made Us (29/11/2019)
American Son (01/11/2019)
Drive (01/11/2019)
Holiday in the Wild (01/11/2019)
The King (01/11/2019)
The Man Without Gravity (01/11/2019)
Tune in for Love (05/11/2019)
Paradise Beach (08/11/2019)
Let It Snow (08/11/2019)
House Arrest (15/11/2019)
Klaus (15/11/2019)
Earthquake Bird (15/11/2019)
The Knight Before Christmas (21/11/2019)
Mon frère (22/11/2019)
The Irishman (27/11/2019)
Holiday Rush (28/11/2019)
Atlantics  (29/11/2019)
I Lost My Body (29/11/2019)
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Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby (05/11/2019)
Jeff Garlin: Our Man In Chicago (12/11/2019)
Fadily Camara: La Plus Drôle de Tes Copines (14/11/2019)
Iliza: Unveiled (19/11/2019)
Zona Rosa (26/11/2019)
Mike Birbiglia: The New One (26/11/2019)
John Crist: I Ain't Prayin For That (28/11/2019)
Fire in Paradise (01/11/2019)
The Devil Next Door (04/11/2019)
Maradona in Mexico (13/11/2019)
No hay tiempo para la verguenza (19/11/2019)
Lorena, la de pies ligeros (20/11/2019)
Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator (20/11/2019)
Broken (27/11/2019)
Hello Ninja (01/11/2019)
True: Grabbleapple Harvest (01/11/2019)
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Season 4 (05/11/2019)
Harvey Girls Forever!: Season 3  (12/11/2019)
GO!: The Unforgettable Party (15/11/2019)
Llama Llama: Season 2 (15/11/2019)
Dino Girl Gauko  (22/11/2019)
The Dragon Prince: Season 3 (22/11/2019)
Trolls: The Beat Goes On!: Season 8 (22/11/2019)
Super Monsters Save Christmas (26/11/2019)
True: Winter Wishes (26/11/2019)
Chip and Potato: Season 2 (29/11/2019)
The Last Samurai (01/11/2019)
Pacific Rim: Uprising (04/11/2019)
Outlander: Season 4 (05/11/2019)
Fifty Shades Freed (09/11/2019)
Seven (15/11/2019)
Going for Gold (01/11/2019)
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Best Gift Ever (01/11/2019)
Ash vs. Evil Dead: Season 1 (01/11/2019)
Matilda (01/11/2019)
Seven Years in Tibet (01/11/2019)
Body of Lies (01/11/2019)
Christmas Break-In (01/11/2019)
Tucker: The Man and His Dream (01/11/2019)
Phantom Thread (09/11/2019)
Blockers (11/11/2019)
Yummy Mummies: Season 2 (12/11/2019)
Jonah Hex (15/11/2019)
Joe Versus the Volcano (15/11/2019)
Z Nation: Season 5 (20/11/2019)
Image: Matilda
Written By Ally Parker

“None of this is fair on Chelsie, Matt or me.”

Did anyone else notice she was pregnant during season 3?

"That's kind of what we've had a chat about.”