Massive MAFS spoiler revealed as bride spotted on dating app Bumble

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If you're anything like us, the latest season of MAFS has evoked a reaction something like this:

AKA it's good stuff.

But what if we told you that the dramahh isn't merely on-screen?

Episode three of MAFS saw Ning, a 32-year-old mum-of-three and hairdresser, get paired with 41-year-old 'I just have a one plate at home' bloke Mark.

To say it didn't go well - she legit said “I’m just here for the food and the drinks" - is an understatement.

Seriously though, look at that distance:

But we digress.

A few tuned in people across Twitter have noticed that Ning, who just got TV-hitched to Mark is on the dating app Bumble.

But what does it meeeaaan?

Well, those deep into the MAFS world know that Ning later backtracked from her 'I wish I could block him' comments telling Talking Married:

“I don’t actually think before I speak, whereas Mark does. It’s word vomit, a bit of verbal diarrhoea," she said regretfully.

But then again, she's #ontheapps...

Look, it's all very confusing and reality-TV-magic-esque but you know what?

Imma still watch.

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Written By Ally Parker