Martha Kalifatidis Cuts All Ties With Fellow MAFS Stars

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The tea has been spilled.

It seems like marriages aren't the only thing that don’t last between Married At First Sight stars.

Neither does friendship. 

Martha Kalifatidis, one of the brides from this year’s season, has revealed that she no longer speaks to any of her fellow co-stars.

Speaking to Today Extra, the Kardashian look-alike said:

“I think reality has totally set in now. I feel everyone has gone back to life the way it was before the show, and the reality is I don't really speak to anyone from the show anymore.”

Despite not speaking to any of the other couples, she said this wasn't "because we have bad blood, just simply because life goes on, and you move on."

She also added that "nothing has changed" between her and co-star Cyrell.

Considering their cat fight involving that big ol' glass of red wine, we're guessing they won't be catching up anytime soon.

She might not be buddy-buddy with the other stars, but Martha is still together with her partner, Michael Brunelli.

The pair were one of the only couples to continue their relationship after the conclusion of the show.


Image: Instagram, Giphy

Written By Chloe Arentz