Mandy Moore and Shane West Made Our Teenage Dreams Come True And Recreated A Walk To Remember

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So many tears!

Whenever you leave a cinema after watching a great love story you walk away feeling hopeful and inspired because love is a f***ing beautiful thing. 

But then the actors go and ruin it by not being a couple in real life OR WORSE being a couple and breaking up. We’re looking at you Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and a lot more. You made us believe love is real! You lied! You LIED!

But then days like today happen and a faith in humanity is restored, well not completely, but a little. Mandy Moore and Shane West proved platonic love is real and can be for a really long ass time. 

At Moore’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony her A Walk to Remember co-star gave the sweetest compliments. Side note, how has Moore only JUST received a star, she's America's teenage golden child? Someone in that office needs a talking to. 

Anyway back to the tearjerker speech, West called her a "gem" and said that her smile "lights up a room when you walk in".

Don't worry, he also brought up working on the film together:

"Not only was this film a wonderful experience in every way, it also gave me the chance to fall for this fantastic woman."

Then the greatest nostalgic moment of all time happened:

Yes, your eyesight is working fine. They recreated that iconic shot from A Walk To Remember and cemented the fact that one of the greatest love stories of all time is forever and love IS and ALWAYS will be real. 

Jamie and Landon 4eva. Now to find a man who will bring me to a border so I can be in two places at once.

Image: A Walk To Remember

Written By Christina Cavaleri